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The SuccessLab Podcast: Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate for Success

Jul 1, 2018

Andrew Chaifetz approaches life with an inquisitive eye. Never one to accept the status quo, Andrew’s foray into entrepreneurship began in college when he was required to use a clunky, outdated learning management software (LMS). He decided it wasn’t enough to be frustrated and write it off for someone else to eventually tackle. Instead, recognizing others shared his experience, Andrew seized the opportunity to improve and upend the LMS industry. And this formed the basis of Notebowl, a sleek and user-friendly social learning platform for higher education that brings courses and the campus community together –– all in one place.

In this episode, Andrew talks about navigating different stages in his business, why he approaches even the toughest challenges with a positive attitude and why our humanity hinges on people asking, “Why?”.