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The SuccessLab Podcast: Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate for Success

Sep 24, 2017

Codie Sanchez is a multi-hyphenate title holder who puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. She’s the founder of CS Ventures, podcast host of the Struggle Isn’t Real, startup founder of Threads Refined (since exited), and head of Latin America and Offshore Sales at First Trust. As most entrepreneurs come to realize, their journey is anything but linear. Codie’s experience has been no different. She started out as a journalist reporting stories from the U.S./Mexico border. Particularly touched by an elderly woman abandoned in a border community, Codie realized it wasn’t enough to write about someone’s story –– she wanted to rewrite the story.

In this episode of The SuccessLab Podcast, Codie shares why it’s important to chase your curiosity, why power comes from developing a deep understanding of money and how she empowers people to break through their fears in order to pursue their dreams.