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The SuccessLab Podcast: Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate for Success

Aug 25, 2014

The SuccessLab Podcast: Episode 17

Welcome to the SuccessLab Podcast episode #17. In this episode, I’m in The Lab with Robin Bramman, CEO at Robin Bramman International. She is a business brand and digital strategy coach and works with businesses and personal brands.

Interview highlights:

  • Many believe branding is only a visual representation of a logo, but in fact, it is the set of all experiences that customers will experience about you and your company.
  • In developing a brand, Robin suggests always starting with the 'Why' and the three C's: clarity, consistency and connectivity (and sometimes a 4th – courage!)
  • Bootstrapping tips for entrepreneurs just getting started:
    • Be careful not to spend a lot of money initially - pace yourself financially
    • Get some brand coaching on brand architecture - brand naming, and initial brand positioning (Minimum Bible Brand)
    • Make a blueprint for your brand before you build including intellectual property and other brand protection plans
  • Robin's apps and tools picks: 360 Reach Survey
  • Robin's reading picks:

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This weeks Biz Hack: The last three episodes have focused on productivity - finding your focus using Warren Buffett’s processtracking your time to see where you could be losing hours, rethinking your to-do list to get more accomplished - so to round out this series on productivity, this week's biz hack offers a few more productivity tips and tools I’ve found helpful. Continue reading...

Action Items: This week, build one new habit that you’re excited about and helps you...continue reading...

Quote of the week: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”~Napolean Hill. Next week we’re in the lab with Jenny Poon, she is the founder of eeko studio, and the co-founder of the co-working space Co+Hoots. She is an amazing entrepreneur and has done a lot to create a sense of community. Be sure to tune in! Until next time, have prosperous week!